Document Type : Original Article(s)


1 Associate Professor, Kerman Social Determinants on Oral Health Research Center, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, ‎Kerman, Iran

2 Dentist, Private Practice, Kerman, Iran

3 PhD Student, Kerman Oral and Dental Diseases Research Center AND Kerman Social Determinants on Oral Health Research ‎Center, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran


BACKGROUND AND AIM: Various measurement devices are available for detection of halitosis. For epidemiologic studies, it is necessary to use a portable and small device. This study aimed to investigation of correlation between measuring the device (Etiquette checker) with Halimeter. METHODS: One hundred volunteers (students and patients) participated in this study. The amount of volatile sulfur compounds was carried out by Halimeter and compared with Etiquette measurement. The sensitivity and specificity of Etiquette checker was detected comparing with Halimeter. RESULTS: The sensitivity and specificity test with Etiquette checker were 86% and 100%, respectively. The best sensitive and specific point of this device was no. 2 for mouth odor detection. CONCLUSION: Etiquette checker had acceptable sensitivity and specificity for detection of oral malodor. In the future epidemiologic studies, this device could be used.