Evaluation of teeth whitening with application of novel toothpaste ‎containing ozone

Horieh Moosavi, Lila Vaziri, Omid Rajabi, Fatemeh Rezaee


BACKGROUND AND AIM: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of different whitening toothpastes, focusing on the experimental ozonated toothpaste.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: This laboratory study included a sample of 48 sound human molar teeth. Teeth were randomly assigned into four groups according to toothpaste treatment to be evaluated objectively (colorimetric method) and subjectively (visual assessment) (n = 12). Group I: Ozonated toothpaste (experimental); Group II: Non-ozonated toothpaste (experimental); Group III: Aqua fresh whitening triple protection; and Group IV: Nasim (toothpaste without a chemical whitening agent). After tea staining and color assessment, the teeth were subjected to a tooth brushing regime as for 6 weeks, done twice a day, 2 min each time (total: 168 min). Next, color changes were determined after brushing by instrumental and visual methods.

RESULTS: Analysis of variance and the Tukey tests were used for evaluating statistical data (α = 0.05). Color change by instrumental index showed that ozonated and aquafresh toothpastes increased teeth whitening; however, the amount color change was not significant (P > 0.050). With visual assessment there was a significant difference between mean color change among the four groups (P = 0.008).

CONCLUSIONS: Ozonated toothpaste caused significant whitening changes in discolored teeth from a clinical point of view by visual assessment.


Ozone, Toothpaste, Whitening

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