Multidisciplinary Treatment Approach to Unerupted Permanent Incisior Tooth And Associated Dental Anomalies:Case Series

Document Type : Case Report(s)


1 Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Pediatric Dentistry Muğla /TURKIYE

2 Cumhuriyet Universitesi, Dis Hek. Fak., Cocuk Dis Hek. AD

3 Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Pediatric Dentistry Eskişehir, Turkey.


Background: Supernumerary teeth, which are defined as any tooth or odontogenic structure formed from tooth germ in excess of the usual number for any given region of the dental arch, is a developmental anomaly encountered in pediatric clinical practice.
This case report series presents the multidisciplinary treatment approach applied to three different patients with anterior maxillary supernumerary teeth.
Case Series: Case 1: An 11-year-old male patient was treated with surgical and orthodontic interventions due to the delayed eruption of the supernumerary tooth in the maxillary anterior region. Case 2: It was determined that the unaesthetic appearance in the maxillary anterior region of a 10-year-old female patient was caused by supernumerary teeth. The supernumerary teeth were extracted and the unerupted teeth were treated by orthodontic intervention. Case 3: In a 9-year-old male patient, it was determined that the reason for the delayed exfoliation of the primary teeth in the maxillary anterior region was supernumerary teeth. The patient was treated with surgery and orthodontic intervention.
Results: Spontaneous eruption of permanent central teeth may last for up to three years. Orthodontic treatment may be required to ensure the even alignment of the erupting teeth. The teeth can be monitored for spontaneous eruption if there is ongoing root development, although orthodontic treatment will be necessary if the root development has already been completed, as such teeth have no chance of spontaneous eruption
Conclusion: Early diagnosis of delayed eruption of permanent successors is necessary to avoid many dental complications. The management of such cases should be designed by a multidisciplinary team as there is no definitive time to surgically remove unerupted supernumerary teeth.


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