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JOHOE is intended to enhance communication among Public Health Dentistry researchers, Dentists, and other types of allied health professionals in the research and Oral healthcare delivery systems. Geographical coverage including coverage of the poorest countries and low- and middle- income countries is a priority at the JOHOE. All submissions to the JOHOE undergo a fair, supportive, and double-blind peer-review process. 


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Current Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1, March 2024 

The effectiveness of neck strengthening exercises on jaw mobility and clicking in anterior disc displacement with reduction of temporomandibular joint: A randomized controlled trial

Umber Nawaz; Muhammad Waqar Afzal; Kashif Siddique; Naveeda Ashraf; Hana Aziz; Saima Aziz Khan; Asim Nadeem Chaudhary; Muhammad Anwar Masood Behr; Muhammad Yahya Qureshi; Mehwish Naz

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