Editorial policy

JOHOE prevailing criteria for articles include originality, high academic quality, and genuine interest in a wide international audience. The journal editorial team encourages the authors to pay close attention to the factors that will increase the likelihood of acceptance. Manuscripts that fall short of setting out the international debates and policy lessons are more likely to be rejected or returned to the authors for redrafting before to being reviewed. Researchers who write about a specific oral health problem, intervention, or service should discuss the relevance of the analysis for the broader health system.

JOHOE supports the Open Access Initiative. Abstracts and full texts (PDF format) of all articles published by JOHOE are freely accessible to everyone immediately upon publication. Reusing and publishing JOHOE published articles is permitted by following Creative Commons user license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/. Users are free to copy and redistribute the JOHOE published articles in any medium or format under the Creative Commons license terms and conditions.