Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2015 (115) 
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Evaluation of referral system to endodontists among a group of general dental practitioners

Pages 17-23

Zahra Tavakolinejad; Maryam Alsadat Hashemipour; Arash Shahravan; Azin Mirzadeh; Moghdeh Mansori; Saied Amirhossein Gandjalikhan-Nassab

Different type of periodontitis and gingivitis in patients with major thalassemia comparing to ‎healthy people

Pages 24-29

Mohadeseh Arabsolghar‎; Mohamad Mohammadi‎; Amir Kaheh; Anahita Norouzifard; Sadegh Ahmadzadeh

Oral mucosa lesions and risk habits: A cross-sectional study in North Serbia student ‎population

Pages 38-45

Milos Cankovic; Marija Bokor-Bratic; Tijana Tovilovic; Jelena Vuletic

Bilateral supernumerary maxillary lateral incisors: A rare case report

Pages 46-50

Somayeh Hekmatfar; Samaneh Badakhsh; Karim Jafari